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Those who completely sell out to Christ know tough times will come, but in those times he shows himself faithful and strong. In the good times we can rejoice in our blessings. In the tough times we rejoice in the comfort of his love and mercy he has proven himself faithful. His love and mercy are new every morning.

Too often we ask God “Why did this happen?” When we should really ask “What are you trying to teach me?”

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So many people these days are feeling like there is little or no hope for the future.  Some are feeling desperate for financial reasons; it’s been a rough economy for the past many.  Others feel like the love they’ve always craved is out of reach, and others are under the yoke of drug or alcohol abuse… and of course there are other reasons for a feeling of hopelessness.

If you’ve ever felt that way, and most of us have had our dark times, it would have been so great to find a bridge to get from your hopelessness to a place where your life has something to grab hold of, where life seems like it is beginning to turn and you can see your way into a better place.  Let’s be honest, as much as I might like to give a one size fits all answer, there isn’t one.  Each…

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We all have people in our lives who have let us down. They are two-faced, hypocrites who say they will stand by us no matter what…until times get tough. Then, they are gone or they throw us under the bus. Jesus never leaves us. Even during those times when we struggle through the consequences of our own poor choices, he walks by our side. With Jesus, we will never walk alone.

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