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wood 2I know of a professor who years ago had a colleague saying that he “tried Christianity for a while” but that it didn’t give him what he wanted, so he went off in search of an alternative.  Buddha or something. 

I’m learning to never be intimidated by people with lots of letters behind their names. They are really smart, no contest that, but

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downloadSociety teaches us the importance of making yourself be the person you want to be. Try harder. Network with the right people. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Do it your way. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that philosophy, it goes contrary to what God calls us to. God isn’t nearly as impressed with our activity as he is our integrity. Who we are in secret is more important than the mask we wear in public.

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I know there are times when hope seems like a mirage in the desert – appearing one minute, fading the next. But remember God is our blessed hope.

When we put all our trust & expectations in Him alone, we will never be disappointed.

As His child, our hope is not built upon earthly plans that may fail, but on eternal values that last forever.

Let Him fill us with joy-filled hope today – & enough to last for tomorrow.
Then may we get up & do it again.

Much love & much more hope y’all,

Bonnie ❤️

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Oswald Chambers states, “There is nothing attractive about the Gospel to the natural man; the only man who finds the Gospel attractive is the man who is convicted of sin.”
That is so true in the hearts of men. Many claim allegiance to Christ but are not true disciples because while claiming Christ they actually follow their own desires. True discipleship requires a broken heart and the realization that you need a Savior.

Imagine falling and breaking your arm. It’s obviously broken. You have a friend drive you to the hospital where a doctor takes one look at your arm and disappears. Moments later he returns with a small bandage. When you ask what good the bandage will do for your broken arm, he scoffs at you.  “It’s not broken,” he chuckles, “just a little scrape. You’ll be fine. Don’t be a baby.” My guess is that you’ll leave and get a second opinion! Such a scenario would be ridiculous! Yet, many take a similar approach to problems in society. Relationships are healed by finding someone else. Immorality is explained away by tolerance. Education and money will bring peace.  But applying man-made solutions hasn’t worked for thousands of years. The only real cure is a new heart through faith in Christ.

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