It’s a bit of a cliche’ I know, but life is a journey. The advantage to most journey’s we take is that we have a destination and a map to guide us. Life isn’t like that. You get up in the morning with a plan and when you come to bed later that night you look back and realize you have no idea how you got where you did.

I think often of the ‘great men of faith’ like Abraham, Moses and David. Great men that accomplished mighty things. Yet a close look at thier lives show a series of potholes, wrong turns and detours before they finally reached thier destination. One of my favorite authors, Philip Yancey, taught me (through his books) to read between the lines of the Bible to catch the true story. Feel the emotion of failure, the thrill of victory, the agonizing struggle of confusion that our ‘Biblical Heroes’ felt.

That’s what Grace is about. It’s about the journey. It’s about falling down, picking yourself off, brushing off the cinders and moving on. It’s about arriving at the destination better than you were when you left,  but bruised, battered and thankful just to be alive.

The struggle comes when we fall and just lay on the path, or drag ourselves into the bushes to lick our wounds. Fatique, failure and fear set in. Why did I try? I fell again today. I fell three times yesterday and those wounds haven’t healed yet. I’m done. I can’t get up. And if I do get up, I’ll just lose…again.

‘Built with Grace’ is my story. It’s not a flashy story of how I succeeded at everything I ever tried. It’s a story about learning to live daily with the realization that I may fail, but that failure says nothing about who I am. Another favorite author, John Eldredge, helped me see that God didn’t fall in love with me because I was awesome. He fell in love with me because HE is awesome.

And so, I pick myself up. Excited about the possibilities, fearful of failure and expecting resistance. But I’m moving. I probably won’t finish first, or even place. But I’ll finish. That is what life is about. Finishing well and knowing that I’m not junk. I’m BUILT WITH GRACE.