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Praise the Lord! Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 106:1 (NLT)

Love that endures spans the test of time;

The love story between the Creator God of the universe and mankind began in the Garden of Eden. History isn’t series of unrelated, disconnected events but a love story between a loving Father and his earnest desire to have fellowship with his wayward children.

Love that endures weathers the storms of doubt;

Love endures in spite of doubt. In the human realm, when a loved one loses faith is us, and doubts our ability to perform, or our desire to continue in the relationship, it dies. We continually struggle with doubt in our lives. It attacks every facet of our being. But even though doubt attacks our belief in God, our doubt never diminishes his belief in us. Doubt may destroy our faith in God, doubt will never destroy God’s faith in us.

Love that endures seeks restoration when wrongs are done;

Forgiveness for wrongs done in the human realm is considered noble. When a human love relationship is wracked with infidelity, doubt, abuse and defiance, death of the relationship is inevitable. Our father has loved us throughout all of the above. He holds on in our defiance, he continues to show himself when we doubt, he welcomes us back when we cheat on him, he seeks us out when we ignore or blaspheme him. His love doesn’t change when we wrong him.

Love that endures focuses on the object loved, not on the objects condition;

The father didn’t choose the Israelites because they were the most powerful or the largest nation or the most faithful. He chose them because he loved them. Human love is too often based on what the object loved can do for us. God’s love for us is based on what he can do for us! He loves us, not our actions. He loves us, not our beauty. He loves us, not our piety or discipline or ability. He loves us. He loves you. He loves me.

Love that endures loves even when that love is unable to be returned;

Even in our deepest desire to love God, we fail. It’s not that we don’t try. It’s not that we didn’t start out with noble aspirations of being mighty believers in God. We’re human. We fail. We struggle with the very things we hate. Even when you can’t love God the way you want because of the rocks and crevices in the path of life, he loves you. His love isn’t based on our ability to love back.

Love that endures finds joy in the presence of the one loved;

My favorite thought of all. Imagine that. He enjoys just being in our presence. What more can be said? Sometimes I’m not very pleasant. I don’t even like being around me. Sometimes I’m angry, self-absorbed, arrogant, and the list goes on. When I’m at my very worst God finds joy in my presence. Such love!

PRAYER: Father God, Thank you for your enduring love. Thank you that your love for me has nothing to do with who I am, or what I can accomplish or do for you. I’m overwhelmed by your enduring love.

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