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Shout praises to the LORD! He is good to us, and his love never fails. Psalm 107:1 (CEV)

We have entered into the period of time the church celebrates as Lent. Lent is that time for reflection leading up to the passion of Jesus Christ. Like many church traditions, Lent began for good reasons, as an avenue of worship and remembrance. As time has warn on, Lent has become more ritual that relationship building.

For some Lent is nothing more than a new set of church activities and responsibilities. For others it’s a time of sacrifice. For others, Lent is simply that period of time leading up to yet another chocolate holiday.

This year, take some time to focus on the original intent of this period. Revisit the gospels and read the accounts of Jesus’ last days on earth. Read each gospel account to grasp the differing views of the writers. Read it from different translations. Reading different translations helps to gain new perspectives.

Meditate as you read on the fact that all of this was done with you in mind. Every step Jesus took on the way to the cross was taken for you. Your name was imprinted on his sandals. Your face imprinted on his mind.

As Jesus made his way toJerusalemhe endured opposition, but you were worth it.

As Jesus made his way toJerusalemhe was well aware of the trials he would bear on your behalf, the beatings, the floggings, the spit in his face, the nails in his hand. But you were worth it.

As Jesus made his way to Jerusalem He knew the urgency involved. He knew that he had to do this so that you would have the gift of freedom and eternal life. He pressed on in the face of adversity because you were worth it.

As Jesus made his way toJerusalemhe knew some would take advantage of him. His mercy would fall on those intent on their own selfish gains. But he continued on, realizing he’d be forgotten by some because you were worth it.

As Jesus made is way toJerusalemhe never lost sight of who he was. Son of God. Creator of the universe. God incarnate. Master designer. Worthy of all honor and praise. As he looked over the city he wept. His tears weren’t because of his own impending pain, he wept for you. He wept for you because you were worth it.

What great love your Lord Jesus has for you. A love that is available regardless of your sin. A love that is available in spite of your past. A love that is available to you because in the eyes of the master, you are worth it.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus. As we enter this season of Lent help me to revisit your passion in a sense of awe and thanksgiving for all you have done for me. Thank you for your grace and forgiveness. Thank you that in your eyes I was worth the pain you bore. Amen.

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