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Where can I go to get away from your Spirit? Where can I run from you? Psalm 139:7 (NCV)

The internet has given us a new level of anonymity. Never before in history has it been easier to be ‘someone you are not’. It’s easy to hide your identity on social networking sites and be whoever you want to be. Want to be a 14 year-old girl, rather than a lonely 30 something male? There’s an app for that!

But hiding behind false identity isn’t something unique to the internet age. We’ve been hiding ever since Adam and Eve ate that forbidden fruit. Hiding from others and God isn’t new, we just think we’ve gotten better at it.

We can on a different face for each situation. We have our parent face, and our student face. We have a face we put on for our customer at the counter and a face we put on in the break room. We have a face we put on when we demand our own way and a face we put on when we’ve been humbled by our mistake. We humans have much more in common with the chameleon than we may want to admit.

Not only that, our enemy, the great Satan is the master of disguises. He puts on the face of religion to guide us away from the truth. He puts on the face of accusation to keep us defeated. He brings the face of worry into our lives to take our focus off God’s redeeming love and the protection of his Grace.

We fight the battle for ourselves on two fronts. On the one hand we can have so many different faces we struggle to keep them straight. Some of us have been using so many faces to hide behind we eventually forget who we are. We lose ourselves in a myriad of identities, none of which bring us the peace we seek.

On the other hand we fight against an enemy intent on bringing us to our knees in failure, agony and defeat. He uses people to remind us of our weakness and bring doubt into our lives. When necessary he uses his best weapon and infiltrates our minds with all sorts of lies about God, about whom we can trust and who we can’t, and most importantly, lies about the grace God offers us through Jesus Christ.

It is in the midst of this battle for ourselves we can find solace in knowing that our heavenly Father pierces through the darkness of deception to show us the light of his truth. The Psalmist reminds us that there is nothing hidden from our Father. We can’t hide behind some false identity, nor can we be deceived when we rely on his wisdom.

As one writer puts it, “We may elude the vigilance of a human enemy and place ourselves beyond his reach. [But] God fills all space—there is not a spot in which his piercing eye is not on us, and his uplifted hand cannot find us out.”

In the midst of the battle for who we are there can be a sense of urgency to get answers, to know the truth, to gain the victory. But our God is not governed by time. His victory is inevitable. His grasp of our needs is sure, he understands our weaknesses, his grace is sufficient for us.

Where can you hide from his presence? You can’t. Even if you wanted to. He sees every one of your faces. Better still, he knows the real you and is passionately in love with you.

PRAYER: Lord God, I thank you and praise you for filling every void in my life. There are so many dark corners of my mind that I run to hide in. It’s comforting to know your light penetrates even the darkest of places I go to. Protect me today from the lies I tell myself and the lies others try to make me believe. In Jesus name, Amen.

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