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It is God Who covers me with strength and makes my way perfect. Psalm 18:32 (NLV)

The wild fire roared through the farmstead destroying every thing in its path. The storm of flames left behind the charred remains of the farmer’s livestock, his home and his out buildings. Although his family was saved, his entire livelihood was gone.

As he shuffled through the dust and ashes he looked towards a still smoke-filled sky. “Show me one sign that you want me to continue on, “He prayed to his God. As he continued on his foot kicked against a blackened lump in the dust. What turned out to be the charred remains of a hen skittered across the ground and then flipped over. A small, yellow chick struggled from the midst of the ashes of its dead mother.

“I have covered you with my strength” the young farmer heard almost audibly. His sign delivered, he looked again at the farmyard and began to think of his future, a future build on God’s protection.

God’s protection doesn’t always come to us in a physical way. Indeed, all our senses perceive can be taken from us in a flash. But His strength goes beyond our senses. His strength goes beyond our understanding.

The clothing of the Middle Eastern person in Biblical times was never complete without a girdle, a piece of clothing that offered strength to the loins as they walked the wilderness paths. It kept them physically protected, kept their robes in place and offered a place for a sword if necessary.

This is the picture the Psalmist gives us in Psalm 18. Like the chicken that protected its young, God’s protection completely engulfs us. The rest of the world as we know it may fall away. All we hope for may be dashed upon the rocks. But God’s protection goes beyond whatever is attacking you today.

Regardless of how bad things seem now. No matter how much desolation, hopelessness and devastation you may see right now in your finances, your relationships or your health remember that your strength was never intended to see you through. Overcoming the obstacles of life always comes from God’s strength.

The young farmer could have looked out over his fire-swept farm and given up. But he sought one small sign, a struggling, chirping chick and from that rebuilt his farm as well as his faith in an almighty, protecting God.

PRAYER: Father, it’s hard to see positive things in the midst of all the trials of my life. Thank you for your promise of protection. Gird me with your strength so that the battles of my life will not overcome me. Amen

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