Although the people who were with me did not see the vision, they became so frightened that they scattered and hid. Daniel 10:7 (CEV)

There’s an old adage that goes something like this, “There’s strength in numbers.” It’s used in a variety of settings and circumstances and, for the most part, it’s true. We need each other. The need to lean on each other gives us strength, encourages us in the weak times and protects us from danger.

There are times in our lives when we need to have the company of others, but other times when we need to realize we come before God alone. Such was the case of the mighty prophet Daniel. Daniel had been fasting and praying for weeks, seeking God for an answer. When the answer finally came, it came through a visit from an angel!

The angel appeared to Daniel as he walked with a group of other people. Although the others didn’t see the angel, its very presence caused such fear in them that they fled, leaving Daniel alone.

Some of us know how that feels. At the time we need others the most, they flee from us. They promise to stand by us; assure us that we have a place in their lives; tell us they would give us the shirts off their backs. But when you need them the most, they aren’t there.

The angel (some believe it could have been an appearance by Jesus himself) must have been an awesome sight for Daniel to behold. His face grew pale. His strength left him. He fell to the ground on his face and fainted (fell into a deep sleep).

Daniel was revived and strengthened when the angel knelt and touched him. He encouraged Daniel to be strong. He reassured Daniel that no harm would come to him. Three times he refers to Daniel as one who is ‘highly esteemed.’ Imagine that! This mere mortal referred to has highly esteemed by an angel who may have been the very son of God!

In each of our lives we come upon situations which are frightening, discouraging, frustrating or that drive us to anger and rage. We can look at the answers to prayers others have received and wondered why our prayers aren’t answered.

The lesson of Daniel reminds us that even during those times of God’s silence we can know he loves us and holds us in high esteem. It’s great to have good friends to stand by us, to pray for us and with us, to surround us with physical or spiritual protection. Our greatest strength comes from those one-on-one interactions with the Father. You need not be afraid to enter into God’s presence alone. You are highly esteemed. Those closest to the Father are those to whom he reveals himself more fully.

PRAYER: Father, during those times when you seem distant or silent, remind me of your presence. Like Daniel, let me be strengthened by your touch to go on when life gets difficult. Thank you that in your eyes I am highly esteemed. Amen.