She has done what she could and has anointed my body for burial ahead of time. Mark 14:8 (NLT)

A couple of years ago one of my best friends was critically injured in a car accident. The EMT’s did and amazing job extracting him from the mangled heap of metal that encased him. They did what they could.

At the hospital, the ER doctors worked frantically to save his life. They did what they could.

Sadly, for us, it was Jesus’ desire to bring him home, into his loving arms. He (my friend) had done what he could.

Jesus was well aware that his time for the cross was coming. He had seen the change in Judas and knew that soon he would be betrayed and handed over to his murderers. While he sat in the home of his dear friend Simon the leper, one of his very closest friends in the entire world poured an entire flask of perfume on his head and feet. She did this out of pure love and devotion for this great teacher and friend. She did it out of gratitude for the gift of life he’d given to her brother Lazarus.

She couldn’t possibly have known the events of the upcoming week. She couldn’t possibly have understood the huge meaning of her act of love. In the grand scheme of things, her insignificant act changed nothing, but she did what she could.

“She did what she could.” Gill writes, “She hath done what she could,…. What she had in her heart, and in the power of her hands to do; she hath done according to her ability, and her good will; and if she had not done it now, she could not have done it at all.”

There are so many times when we are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. For those devoted to ministry it may be the realization that our task is far greater than our resources.

Jesus says, “Just do what you can.”

As parents we see our children growing up in a world where evil seems rampant and hope seems dwindling.

Jesus says, “Just do what you can.”

As a business owner the red ink seems to be growing, the black in shrinking. It’s not just your business that is threatened; it’s the livelihood of your employees and their families.

Jesus says, “Just do what you can.”

To the person who watches a loved one on a path to sure destruction; who has tried everything to bring back the prodigal; who has sought every medical option to save a life; who has looked into every option to diminish the consequences of stupid choices.

Jesus says, “Just do what you can.”

God never calls us to do things he hasn’t given us the tools to accomplish. All he asks is for us to follow Mary’s lead. Our actions may seem insignificant at the time. But just do what you can.

PRAYER: Lord God. I look at the task before me and realize it is too great for me to accomplish. Remind me that the accomplishment is only in my willingness to ‘do what I can.’ Amen.