For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

What does it mean to us that Jesus is our Mighty God?

First of all, as mighty God we know that he was in the beginning and created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1, John 1:1).

Secondly we know that all creation, everything seen and unseen was created by him for his own good pleasure.

A third reason the deity of Jesus is important is that it gives us a view of exactly what God is like (John 1:14).

It’s far too easy to think of God as being this elusive spirit-being who is far too big and powerful to be concerned about miniscule humans such as us. By becoming human, Jesus not only proves he completely understands us and what we go through, he shows us the personal relationship the creator-God longs to have with us.

Take, for example the story of Jesus’ visit with a Samaritan woman. One day he and his disciples were on their way to Galilee. They stopped along the way for something to eat at a small town in Samaria. Samaria was enemy territory for every self-respecting Jew. Jesus met a woman at the well he was resting at while the men went to get food.

Jesus’ conversation with the woman shows us a great picture of a mighty God. A God who seeks you out regardless of your situation, or the excuses you live by, or your efforts to make it your way so he can fill you to the fullest in His time.

Jesus sought the woman out. His meeting with her wasn’t one of chance. In the same way, he seeks you out. He wants to meet your needs. He wants to have a vibrant relationship with you.

Secondly, he is unconcerned about your situation. The woman was at the well at midday because she was a woman of ill repute. No doubt she was the talk of the town for her five failed marriages and living with her current partner outside the walls of wedlock.

Jesus isn’t concerned about your excuses either. When confronted with her emptiness, the woman tried to argue her way out of a sticky situation. Isn’t that the way we tend to be as well? When met with conflict we play the blame game, try to change the subject or take the focus off ourselves and put it on someone or something else? The woman chose religion as her escape route but Jesus turned everything back on her own emptiness.

Jesus isn’t impressed with your attempts to make it on your own either. In a sense Jesus played a trump card when he asked about the woman’s husband. She’d tried relationships five times! Five times she’d failed! Five times she’d told herself, “This is the one!” Now, she’d come to a point where the pain of divorce was too much. She elected to live without marriage to avoid more pain of failure.

Why did he overlook all those things? Because Jesus’ desire wasn’t to prove himself, it was to offer the woman fulfillment, a spring of living water flowing from her wounded heart.

The same is true today. Jesus isn’t concerned about your situation, your excuses or how you’ve succeeded or failed trying to make life on your own. As Mighty God his desire is to fill you to overflowing with forgiveness, grace and unconditional love.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for such a great love that you sought me out when my life was at its lowest. Amen.