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This week the Springfield community desperately seeks to get our hearts and minds around the fact that one of our own neighbors decided to extinguish the vibrant life of an innocent ten-year-old. These neighbor-to-neighbor conversations have taken place all over the region in churches, workplaces, gyms, retail stores, sports practices, classrooms, and so many other places. Hard questions, tender questions, poignant questions, whispered questions, tearful questions, just questions. No one is immune to the heartache and sadness of these events. All of us wonder how best to respond to this atrocity.

So we respond. Porch lights all over the world burn bright in Hailey’s memory. An entire region dresses in pink and purple to show solidarity with each other and her family. Memorial funds bulge with individual contributions in an effort to ease the family’s pain. Restaurants offer special meal deals in an effort to raise gifts for the Owen…

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