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Forgiveness is not easy.  Sometimes the hurt is so great, I may feel like I cannot forgive…on my own.  But because of Christ, and the forgiveness I have received from God, I am able to extend grace and mercy and forgiveness to others.  That is why we can say that forgiven people forgive.  The reason we forgive is because we have been forgiven.  And when we forgive, it is as much for us as it is the person we’re forgiving, because what happens with forgiveness is forgiveness begins to release the grip of the grudge in our own lives.  It brings cleansing, healing and freedom that is not available to those who choose to continue nursing a grudge.

Forgiveness is not passive.  It is very aggressive.  Forgiveness breaks the chain of the past and allows us to move forward.  We have already said that application of scripture is what makes…

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