By Patrick Hawthorne

writerI’m a writer.  I do not announce this because I lay claim to any great talent.  Such boasting would be pure foolishness. No, I’m a writer because of the magnificent grace of God at work in me.  Truth be known, if not for the Holy Spirit working through me, most of what I write would be subpar at best.

So, why do I write?  Simply put, writing is my thought outlet.  Life is a river of continuous thoughts; a never ending flow of tales in the making.  Through the penned word, we are able to read tales of triumph and tales of defeat; tales of overcoming and tales of being overcome.  With but a stroke of the pen, we have the capacity to learn, teach, laugh, and cry.

Rarely does a life event cross my path that cannot be spun into a tale or a lesson. I…

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