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The Lord is your God, so you must always love him and obey his laws and teachings. Deuteronomy 11:1

We were on our way home from our oldest daughter’s music concert. My wife and I always make sure we sit in the same general area so that she can look into the audience and see us. On this night however, we’d been detained and arrived later than usual for the concert. As a result our ‘normal place’ were taken and we were forced to sit near the back.

As we made the trip home my daughter remarked, “I didn’t see you guys in your normal place tonight.”

My wife responded, “I know honey, someone was sitting there. We had to sit on the other side and near the back, but we were there.”

“Oh, I know mom.” I heard you laughing in the back.”

Icross 10.5t was a humorous interchange but I thought of that story as I read today’s verse. There are so many different voices calling for our allegiance today. It’s easy to get sucked into the demands of family, career, church, and community. If we aren’t careful, those other voices can distract us from hearing the voice of God and being aware of his presence in our lives. When we lose sight of God, our lives can become like a ship tossed at the mercy of angry, relentless waves.

When our ears are tuned to God’s voice we can hear him in the darkness and chaos of life. His voice, His desires rise above all the other voices that seek to keep us from hearing the most important voice. When we listen to those voices they become our gods.

As you make your way through the dark wilderness of life; as the chaotic schedules of life pull you in a variety of directions. Whose voice do you hear? The voice you listen to will determine your destiny. Take heed of the voice of God through his word and those who speak his wisdom. All the other voices will only lead you astray.

PRAYER: Father, I confess to you that too often I get distracted by the cares of life and voices that draw me away from you. Empower me by your Spirit to hear you clearly through the darkness. Amen.

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