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In My Place Condemned He Stood

Luke 23:13-25


Pilate finds himself up against a rock and a hard place.  Part of him wants to do the right thing and serve as a just judge over Jesus, yet he knows that he also must keep the peace.  It was an easy job, simply keep the peace.

Pilate, however, had made some bad choices so far in his rule over the Jews.  When he entered Jerusalem the first time he came with an attitude that he would show them who was boss.  He came with the full pomp and splendor of a Roman Ruler with banners with Roman symbols and mottos.  One such motto was Hail Caesar another was Hail Caesar God.  He specifically rubbed the Jew’s noses in it and from the beginning they did not like Pilate.

He even had the arrogance to place Roman banners in the Temple. …

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