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You Are Loved

I’m sure everyone is aware that today is “Good Friday”. What is Good Friday? It is the day chosen to remember the crucifixion of Jesus! On a day like today I think it is good to reflect on the life and sacrifice of Jesus. Obviously, we can reflect on that at any time but on a day like today we should be very intentional with not only remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made by dying for our sins but about his message, what his mission from God was, and what he commissioned us to do. All of these topics can be found throughout the Gospels.

The first thing is the fact that Jesus preached a very centered message that never changed, even after his death. It is repeated over and over by Jesus in the Bible where he says “The Kingdom of Heaven (or God) is near.” (Matt. 4:17) What was he…

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The cross is a symbol of pain, suffering and sacrifice. Jesus calls us to a life in which we bear the sacrifice of the cross in our daily living. As Jesus did, we bear our cross voluntarily, in love for those who reject us, with the promise of his presence today and eternal joy tomorrow.

The smallest amount of light can penetrate the deepest darkness. Don’t think that your efforts for Christ are meaningless and have no changing effect on those around you. You don’t know how the actions you see as insignificant can be used by Gods Spirit for mighty things. We are not responsible for results, we are only responsible for our actions of light.

It’s time to move forward! All of us have regrets for things we wish we hadn’t done, choices we made, or opportunities we’ve wasted. Some have lived a lifetime in the wilderness of despair because of the “wish I woulda” complex. Jesus didn’t go through all the agony and pain of death so we could wallow in self-pity and defeat. He came to set us free from all that. So confess your faults, accept his forgiveness, and move on! Life is best lived in freedom!

It’s human nature to judge other people on the basis of how they look and how they act. Quite often, our view of others also influences how we feel about ourselves. People who criticize there are often hard on themselves as well. When we look at others through Jesus’s eyes we not only see them differently, we see ourselves differently.  Acceptance of others is key to accepting ourselves.

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