The angels were gone. The shepherds had made the trek to see the babe in the manger. They marveled at the thought of this little one being the Messiah. When morning came the town would be abuzz with the news of the babe that was born and the story the shepherds told of the angelic visit. Who would think that Jehovah God would come to earth as a human!

Mary and Joseph would return to Nazareth continue to be parents to the very son of God. They would be visited by nobility from the east. They would flee to Egypt for their lives. They would see their young son interaction with men far older and more learned.

Mary would see his miracles, his rejection and his death, only to be witness to his resurrection and ascension. That was over 2000 years ago! 2000 years of skeptics and antagonists trying to refute the story of the babe in the manger.

Yet through out HIStory God has shown himself true. The first time Jesus came he came in the quiet of the night with no fanfare except for angels.

The next time he comes the whole world will see him. The first time he came as a helpless infant, the next time he comes it will be as a conquering warrior.

The manger reminds us that we serve a God that can be trusted in the past and in our future. Are you ready for his return? Are you trusting him with your struggles today and your victories tomorrow? He’s a God that can be trusted to do what he says he’ll do!

Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to those who trust in him!