“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Those words spoken by the infamous Wizard of Oz as he was about to be exposed for his false identity! Dorothy and friends had just accomplished the impossible mission the Wizard had sent them on, to get the broom of the wicked witch. Now, with the mission accomplished he had to come through on his promise.

Have you ever felt as though God had acted the part of the wizard? Ever felt like the mission he sent you on was impossible to accomplish? Maybe it was a mission to battle the healing of a broken relationship. Perhaps it was a mission to battle an unexpected health condition. Or could it be the battle to deal with financial hardship or spiritual warfare.

Here’s the good news.

Unlike the Wizard, God may send us on missions that seem impossible, but he doesn’t send us out with out the tools and guidance we need to conquer our enemy!

Our society bases our value in life by our successes. Good marriages, stable finances, a good reputation in the community and lots of friends on social media and in real life.

God on the other hand, doesn’t measure our value by any of those things. When we get to heaven he won’t say, “Well done thou good and Successful, influential or financially stable individual.”

Rather his one an only standard is faithfulness. “Well done thou good and FAITHFUL servant”. Faithfulness isn’t always visible to the human eye. Faithfulness doesn’t imply, in any way perfection. Faithfulness doesn’t guarantee a life free of worry, pain or sorrow.

Faithfulness isn’t measured by huge gains, but by little steps. A kind word or act of love to those in need, not just those who like us, or agree with out position.

Using the gifts God has given us to make the world we live in a better place for everyone. Being that person that brightens the atmosphere with we enter a room.

Obeying the leadings of the Holy Spirit when he calls us to minister in areas we’d rather not, when he closes a door we really want to open and then, trusting Him for the results.

Starting today, determine within yourself to be faithful! Perhaps this prayer will help you begin or restart or perhaps recommit to a life of faithfulness.

Today I will decide to be Faithful! I will add value to every situation. I will steward my resources wisely. I will follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God. I won’t always get it right but will trust God for the results knowing He has entrusted and empowered me with the greatest mission in history.