Built with Grace is the result of a spiritual pilgrimage that I’m in the process of taking, indeed each of us is in the process of taking. My particular journey is perhaps no different than yours. We grow up with all sorts of goals and dreams of what we want to be ‘when we grow up’. Once we get there, each of us is forced to look back at the road traveled to see our progress.

For some I suppose the road is fairly straight. For others, like myself, the road has a few bends, turns and detours. Some potholes mark the way and rivers had to be forded. There were obstacles that either needed to be removed or forced me to alter my path. In some cases that altered route made it difficult to return to the main road.

Built with Grace is my journey from having faith (in God) to losing faith (in myself) and learning how to reconcile the gap in between.

I have a passion for those like myself who find that being a Christ-follower is both the most rewarding and the most difficult venture a life can take. I have a story to share and I’d like to share it with churches, Bible Study groups, retreats and anyone that will listen.