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*Grace Nuggets: Simple reminders of God’s great love for you.

*Grace Nuggets: Simple reminders of God’s great love for you.

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

In this age of technology the most amazing computer of all is that oldest computer of all, the human mind. There is nothing so powerful, so fast and so able to store, retrieve and make use of information as our minds. A computer, amazing as it is, is only as capable as the mind of the operator!

Our minds tell us each morning who we are, how valuable we are, who God is and what He can do for us. Our minds control how we feel about ourselves, our relationships, our abilities and the chances for success in the midst of struggle. It’s often our minds and not our abilities or circumstances that determine our chances in the midst of turmoil.

The Bible tells us that a mind that steadfastly trusts in God is a mind that is at peace. The mind is considered the intellectual part of the human being. It’s the part of us that rationally evaluates the facts before us and makes an action decision based on the facts.

The heart on the other hand is the ‘emotional control’ center of the body. Acting on emotions without, or ignoring the facts (mind) leads us to actions and thought patterns that may be damaging to ourselves, our faith and God. Acting on emotion alone can lead us to despair, depression or even death.

Don’t allow your mind to control how you look at yourself or others. A mind that focuses on the facts of who God is and who you are in His sight is a mind that will be able to navigate even the toughest of times. Like a runner focused on the finish line, a steadfast mind is oblivious to distractions that may keep it from reaching the goal.

True peace can only come as a result of struggles. True peace is that inner quality that outside forces can not affect without our permission. A mind that steadfastly trusts God is a mind that will enable us to withstand anything that life can through at us. By growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ and learning more about Him through Bible Study and interaction with other Christ-followers, we can develop a mindset that will empower us to steadfastly trust in God and have the inner peace only He can give us.

PRAYER: Father God, I thank you today for the amazing mind that you have given me. A mind that can store so much more information than I can imagine and makes man-made technology pale in significance. I confess to you that often times my mind causes me to doubt You, to doubt my abilities and to question the motives of those around me. I worry, I get angry, and I retaliate because I question your ability to handle the issues in my life. I ask today, that you would give me a mind that is focused on your power, your riches and your ability to see me through life. Help me to grow closer to you and to Jesus through the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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May 2022
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