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Then you will understand what it means to fear the Lord, and you will gain knowledge of God. Proverbs 2:5

Slide1Several years ago a friend of mine decided to add on to his home. His family had outgrown the present house but they liked the location and there was little available in their price range. So the addition was the best way to go. I spent quite a bit of time with him in the process. I’m not a builder by any means and it was interesting hearing him talk about the project. I’d never realized how important it was to have the whole plan in place before the actual project began. If the details weren’t right, the whole project might be in jeopardy. Once the details were worked out, the whole picture seemed to make sense.

To be honest, even looking at his blueprints didn’t help me see the whole picture because I wasn’t trained to understand all the intricacies of a building plan.

Those blueprints remind me of how we can gain a deeper knowledge of God and his goodness. When we look at individual situations we may think God doesn’t care or that he isn’t involved in our lives. When we have the beauty of gaining the overall perspective of things it’s much easier to understand.

The first four verses of Proverbs chapter two have given us the details, so to speak, of getting a grasp on knowing God in all his fullness. Some may say, “Can we really know God?” After all, we can’t see him, how do we know he exists? We are surrounded by more and more examples of evil seeming to triumph over us.

To know God fully we must make persistent communication with God a priority by looking at nature, reading his word and looking at the example of his love as shown through his son, Jesus Christ. When all those pieces fall in place then we can gain an understanding of God that allows us to see the whole picture and not be misled by the details of life. When you question what God is doing, step back and by faith remember that he is good and only has your best interest in mind. No matter what has gotten you into the situation you are in, God can help you see a way through.

PRAYER: Father God, I confess to you that I don’t always understand why you allow things to happen as they do. With my lips I proclaim your power, but with my heart I doubt your ability to help me though. Forgive me for my doubt, give me courage to trust you and wisdom to see the whole picture. Amen.

Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures. Proverbs 2:4

Slide1Several years ago I was attending classes at a University about two hours away. I would leave Sunday night and return on Friday. One Sunday, I was just getting ready to leave. The car was packed and all I needed to do was grab my wallet and be on my way. THAT was the problem. My wallet had disappeard!

We looked in every conceivable place and a few other places as well. Some were checked numerous times. I HAD to have that wallet in order to leave. Nothing else mattered at that point. Finally I resigned myself to the fact that it may have been dropped in a park we were at the day before. Most likely someone had found it and taken my cash and credit cards. Trying to find it in the park would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I called the credit card company and was in the process of canceling my card when all the sudden, my wife called from the other room, “Found it!” Somehow my wallet had fallen off the bed and gotten weirdly wedged between the frame and the mattress. How she happened to see it there remains a mystery. However, the crisis was averted and I was on my way in a matter of minutes, very relieved at the outcome.

The things we see as the most important are the things we search for the hardest. When we make knowing God a priority, he responds by revealing himself more fully. Growing deeper into God takes more than casual church attendance or quick, thoughtless prayers. Growing deeper in God means spending as much time with him as we possibly can by spending time in his word, spending quality time with his people and serving him with our God-given gifts.

Your Father is earnestly seeking to reveal himself to you more fully. The enemy will do whatever he can to keep you from that source of power. Make your relationship with God a priority.

PRAYER: Father, my simple prayer to you today is that you would reveal yourself to me in  ways I’ve never seen before. In Jesus name, Amen.


Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Proverbs 2:2

Slide1Those of us from my generation remember a time when just changing the channel on the television set was a chore. Not only did you have to get up and walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM and manually turn a dial, once you found the channel you wanted you had another dial to turn which was called various things. The one I remember was fine tuning. You see, back then you had to adjust the tuner ever so slightly to get the clearest picture. Since I always lived in rural areas, the challenge was even trickier some days.

Sometimes we need to ‘fine tune’ our lives spiritually as well. Just as the ‘TV waves’ strayed from time to time, so do we. One of the first things an orchestra conductor does is to listen to the musicians to make sure every instrument is in tune. A good conductor can hear even the slightest variance and that makes all the difference in the performance.

Knowing God as he is requires us to constantly check our attitude according to the tuning fork of his Word. It’s too easy to play the comparison game. It’s safer to follow the religious dogmas and creeds, than it is to measure our lives according to the standard of God’s will. Those standards are clearly spelled out in his Word and exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ.

“Good enough” and “Close is okay” is never an attitude God uses. Everything he does is perfect and he calls us to perfection. Fortunately, he also empowers us to live as perfect as we can through his Holy Spirit.

A daily prayer I’m trying to implement in my own life is an adaptation of what the Psalmist says in Psalm 139. ‘Father, today yourself to me in a way that will direct me to live more closely to your will. Amen’

The real beauty of that short prayer is that your Father want’s to reveal himself to you and he’ll never ask you to change something without empowering you to change. It’s really a matter of trust. If you believe he loves you, you can trust the path he leads you down.

PRAYER: Father, there are so many times I’m distracted by the world or waver in my love for you or others. Show me where to change and how to change. Then, empower me with your Holy Spirit to fine tune my heart to yours. Amen.

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