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One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. Luke 17:15

Ten men approached Jesus to receive mercy and gain healing. Ten men realized their hopeless situation. Ten men saw Jesus as the only hope for live even remotely normal. Ten men left Jesus excitedly to present themselves to the priest.

Once they presented themselves to the priest they would be pronounced clean. Once pronounced clean they would be able to return home; to hear the laughter of their children; to feel the warm embrace of their wives; to be able to return to work; to laugh with friends. Once clean on the outside they could return to the temple and get their reputation back.

As they began down the road they nervously talked about the future. Up until this time they had nothing to talk about with each other than their past. We aren’t told how long into the journey it happened. It’s not mentions how they noticed, but they did. One by one they realized they were clean. “Hey, Harry, you look…different.” “Jacob, your spots are gone!” One by one they were healed. No doubt their walks turned into outright sprints…except for one.

Seemingly losing all track of time and forgetting the instructions, this lone man turned back. Was he noticed?  Did the other nine ask where he was going? I’m guessing not. I’m guessing all ten were far to excited to notice the others.

He retraced his steps. The teacher couldn’t have gone far. Then, he saw Him! After perhaps years of avoiding people and keeping his distance, he boldly approached Jesus. After yelling nothing but ‘Unclean’ and perhaps a few curse words as he considered his plight.

His praise was loud. Can you imagine the passion and excitement behind his words? Our praise is usually far to quiet, to reserved, to…proper, or it can be focused on entertainment and the ability of the musicians. This choir of one voiced praises loud enough so the angels in heaven may very well have been impressed!

While the other nine were returning home, to the warmth family and friends, the tenth man realized the importance of worship over religious activity, of giving God his due, than of following instructions, of freely and actively expressing praise instead of following a prescribed rituals. Like David dancing before the ARK of the covenant, the tenth man was oblivious to what others may think. He was healed. God did it. That’s all that mattered.

I’m thankful today for a God who heals. He may not heal us they way we’d like. But he is willing to touch us. There are many blessings he has bestowed on me, but I will not worship the things he’s given, I will worship him!

PRAYER: Almighty God. All that I see is yours. All that I’ve been given comes from your hand. I am so blessed because of your great, unending love for me. Keep me, Oh Lord, from worshipping what you’ve given me. Let my worship and praise only be for you. Amen.

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June 2023
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