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If anyone believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from that person’s heart, as the Scripture says.” John 7:38 (NCV)

Water is an amazing thing when you think about it. It’s springtime in the Midwestern USA. Although we look forward to spring and the end of winter, springtime brings some ominous partners with it. The Red River of the North flows north along the western edge of Minnesota and into Canada.

I remember going to Fargo ND for a conference one October. During a break I decided to drive to a park and walk along this mighty river I’d heard so much about. Every spring the Red River overflows its banks, sometimes with disastrous results. I have to admit I was somewhat surprised by what I saw. The river was much smaller than I expected. It was hard to imagine how this rather small river could cause so much havoc. However, the banks can only hold so much water and then it must find other ways to go. Stagnant water doesn’t offer much concern, but moving water; living water can not be stopped!

One day, Jesus was teaching in the temple. He told the people that if ‘anyone was thirsty, they should come to him.’ He wasn’t talking about physical thirst. He was talking about that thirst that parches our very soul. You know the kind. It’s like those times when you are very thirsty physically and can’t seem to get enough liquid in you to quench the thirst. The emptiness and the dryness leaves you longing for more.

Jesus promises us that if we follow him and his ways; if we confess our sins and change our lifestyle, he will quench that deep thirst of our souls. He is the ‘drink’ that satisfies.

But Jesus goes further. Not only will the water he gives satisfy our souls, it will overflow like a river that has overflowed its banks. Nothing will stop its progress. Everyone will take notice of it! The only difference is that this river that flows out of us is a river of life, not destruction; a river of forgiveness, not judgment; a river of righteousness, not selfishness.

As followers of Jesus Christ we are given living water that flows through us for the benefit of others. So, what kind of river are you today? Are you stagnant and seeking refreshment? Seek Jesus. Are you allowing the living water to flow through you and into the life of at least one other person? May we all be like the Red River of the North. May our lives overflow, not with water, but with the love of Jesus.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus I lift up those who are struggling with the unquenchable thirst of their souls. May they find refreshment in you. I pray for us as your followers. May the river of your grace overflow our ability to contain it for the benefit of others. In your name I pray, Amen.

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