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O Lord, what great works you do! And how deep are your thoughts. Psalm 92:5 (NLT)

We think in the present. God’s thoughts are on the future.

We think of today, God thinks about eternity.

We measure life by where we are, God measures life by where we are going.

Our actions are often based on our past experiences, God’s actions are based on his power.

Our wisdom is limited by our humanity, God’s wisdom planned every day of every person for all eternity.

We seek fulfillment on what we can do for others (even God) he seeks to fulfill us through what he’s already done for us.

We strive to be better today than we were yesterday, God says “I’ve already made you everything I desire.”

We see illness as something to conquer, God sees illness as an opportunity to show his healing.

We see healing as absence of illness, God sees illness as absence of worry.

We observe our sin and feel guilt, God observes our sin and offers forgiveness.

We remember the wrongs suffered, God lays our faults at the cross and never looks back.

We live to please others, God exists to serve us.

We see unfaithfulness as a relationship breaker, God sees unfaithfulness and begs our return.

We rebel at his standards, God watched his Son die to meet those standards for you.

“O Lord, what great works you do!”

During those times when God seems distant, remember that his thoughts are on our growing, not our comfort. His goal is not our earthly comfort but our eternal reward. His desire is for a stronger relationship with him, not our own popularity. Our finite minds are not able to comprehend all that God has planned. He knows what is best for us.

PRAYER: O Great and Mighty Creator of the Universe! To think that will all of your power and wisdom you would even consider me. To think that someone as mighty as you allows me to call you Daddy. I don’t always understand your ways, but I praise you for the love you have given me. In your name, Amen.

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