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The Lord hates what evil people do, but he loves those who do what is right. Proverbs 15:9 (NCV)

It’s time to set the record straight. God hates what evil people do. Simply said? No news here you say? But look again at what the words say, or better yet what they don’t say.

GOD DOES NOT HATE EVIL PEOPLE. Religionists, even some that call themselves christian (small ‘c’ intentional) will tell you differently. Maybe not in words, but in actions; by the way they make you feel; or by the heartless advice they give you. Ever noticed how you have a tendency to want to duck when someone says “I’m telling you this in love”?

Let me repeat. God does not hate you if you are living in sin. God does not hate you if you are a felon, an abuser, an atheist. But also, let me emphasize that God hates the evil actions of people. Why? Because evil actions hurt people. Evil actions hurt the victims and the abuser.

If you are struggling with sin right now, it’s important to know that God hates your actions, but he doesn’t hate you. If you are a victim of ‘evil actions of others’ know this. God hates the evil as much as you do. Every blow you receive, be it emotional or physical, hurts him as well. Why? Because even though God hates evil actions, he loves people.

Tucked away in the second part of this proverb is another truth each of us can lean on. The English translation doesn’t quite do it justice. The phrase ‘but he loves those who do what is right’ could be better paraphrased as ‘God takes joy in those who strive to do what is right.’

Fact of the matter is, all of us are evil. Some are evil in their actions. Others are evil in their refusal to work towards forgiveness. Some are evil in direct rebellion to God, others are evil because their actions, while well-meaning, are contrary to the love and acceptance of God.

If you are in an abusive situation today; if you are struggling with addiction; if you are living a secret life that terrifies you, know this. God hates your actions, he doesn’t hate you. He is passionately, madly in love with you. You are worth the fight he’s making to bring you to himself.

It may surprise you but here is another truth. God doesn’t expect you to be perfect, he knows your humanity will keep you from that. He does, however desire to help you live as holy as you can through his Son, Jesus Christ.

PRAYER: Father God, thank you for your promise to love me no matter what. I’m tired of hearing people put me down because I struggle with things I know you hate. Help me to live in holiness and to forgive those who have hurt me because I know this is the ‘right thing to do’. Amen.

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