How great is God’s love for all who worship him? Greater than the distance between heaven and earth! Psalm 103:11 CEV

“I love you.”

“You don’t even know me, and if you did, you wouldn’t love me.”

“I do know you, and I love you.”

“No one could love me if they really knew me. I’m not the person you think you see.”

“I can see to your very soul. I know you better than you think. I know you better than you know yourself! I know about your feelings of lust last week.”

“You can’t! No one knows that but me. I buried it deep inside…what else do you know?”

“The feelings of suicide last week?”

“NO! STOP IT! Who are you…never mind that…you knew that and you still love me?”

“I do. I have for a long time, I love you now and nothing will ever keep me from loving you in the future.”

Sound like some sort of weird plot from a low-budget movie? A weird sort of love story? It’s not. It’s what the Heavenly Father says to you every day. Still, the extent of God’s love isn’t as amazing as the fact that he loves us at all.

The need to be loved is the driving force in all of us. It’s part of our humanity, part of our genetic  make-up. It’s why we seek out relationships. But God doesn’t need to love us. He wants to love us. This may come as a bit of shock but there is nothing really of any value in us for God to love. His love isn’t based on who we are or what we do, it’s based on who he is and what he does.

How much does he love you? Step outside on a star-filled night and look up. See that faintest of all stars? How far do you suppose that star is? A couple thousand light-years perhaps? Were we to be able to measure God’s love for you, it would surpass that little glimmer of light you can barely see.

Big enough to rule the universe, powerful enough to control nature, wise enough to create life itself, intimate enough that even though he knows your deepest struggles, your darkest secrets and your biggest failures, he loves  you.

You can avoid him, but he’ll continue to seek you out. You can rebel against him, but he’ll continue to watch for your return. You can tell him to leave, but he’ll stand in the shadows to watch over you. You can deny his love, but he’ll never deny you.

PRAYER: Lord, I’m so unworthy of your love for me. I’m stubborn, rebellious and selfish. I demand my own way and push you aside when it benefits me. Still, you keep on loving me. I’m amazed. I’m humbled. Forgive me for my waywardness. Empower me to live with your love for me in view when the voices of despair tempt me to think otherwise. Amen.