Then God said to Moses, “I AM who I AM. When you go to the people of Israel, tell them, ‘I AM sent me to you.’” Exodus 3:14 (NCV)

Time changes things. Following is a list of things that have changed over time. It’s obviously not an exhaustive list. Maybe you can think of other things that have changed, some that have changed the course of the world, some that have changed your personal life.

Time has changed how we think about:

  • Technology: Who would have thought ‘text-ing’ would be a form of communication and not just a form of print?
  • Worship used to be a section of the church service rather than a style of music.
  • Marriage was considered to be the relationship of a man and woman. There were no other options and it lasted a life-time.
  • Family was a husband, wife and biological children. The concept of a blended family hadn’t been ‘invented’ yet.
  • Divorce was rare in general and unheard of in ‘Christian’ circles. Now almost ½ of all marriages end in divorce and there is no difference between allegedly Christian and non-Christian marriages.
  • Community was limited to the town you lived in and not a reference to the global relationship we all share.
  • Commerce was limited to goods produced in your own country. Items from other countries were considered exports, rather than today when there is little difference between what is manufactured in one country or another.
  • Phone messages have changed. 20 years ago the need to choose English (or whatever your native language is) wasn’t an option on answering systems. English (at least in theUSA) was assumed.
  • Relationships are changing at a rapid pace. Aging, divorce and career moves (to name a few) make the idea of long-term friendships and relationships more of a rarity than a rule.
  • Word meanings have changed as well. Not only is ‘text-ing’ as mentioned earlier, a new word, call someone gay today and, depending on the situation, you may find yourself in an instant conflict!

You may be able to add some things to the list. Things that have changed your life and the lives of those around you. So, what’s the point? Only this. When God introduced himself to Moses and the Israelites he didn’t introduce himself as the God who was. He didn’t introduce himself as the God who will be. He introduced himself as the God who is. ‘I AM’ signifies that he never changes. Time won’t change your God. Circumstances won’t alter his power. Societal changes won’t redirect the impact of his wisdom and his holiness for all of mankind. Unchanged from creation until today. Who or what else can boast of that?

PRAYER: Father God. I can’t wrap my mind around the truth of your unchanging character. My humanity seems in constant change like a ship without a sail. But you, O Lord are my rudder. You are the one who is so sure that you will guide me through the changes ahead. I praise you for being the ‘Great I AM’. Amen