Can an Ethiopian change the color of his skin? Can a leopard take away its spots? Neither can you start doing good, for you have always done evil. Jeremiah 13:23 (NLT)

It really shouldn’t surprise us, but it does. News reports come across every day of parents brutally abusing children; of domestic violence; of people we put in political office because of their integrity only to find out they lied to us.

Professional athletes fail as role models for our children while those who are out in left field attract them. Marriage is made a mockery and faith has become a ‘personal thing’ based on personal feelings and ideologies.

We ask, the question, ‘When will this all stop?’

The answer is, sadly, never. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we as humans are doomed when it comes to making the world a better place by our own initiatives. All the protest rallies and government intervention and foreign aid won’t solve the problem.

Scientific research may be able to pinpoint certain things to alleviate the symptoms of our disease. But the sad reality is, science has never been able to cure the wound of the human soul.

A brave preacher may on occasion stand before his people and preach a moving sermon against homosexuality, or divorce or pornography and be applauded for his call to repentance.

On the other hand, a preacher that stands before the congregation and speaks out against gluttony or critical spirits or intolerance will be roasted along with the beef at the dinner table.

We who are believers in Jesus Christ like to point fingers at those who don’t believe as we do. We shake our heads at those who follow after a life of sin. We create entire denominations to take a stand against this sin or that sin. But we fail to remember that we are all the same; all humans; all victims of the same disease.

When Jeremiah speaks to God’s people he reminds them that there is nothing good about them and there is nothing they can do to change. Nothing. They were evil from birth; they will be evil until the day they die.

Hopeless situation you may think? Not so. That’s why Jesus came into the world. Galatians 3:13 reminds us that Jesus didn’t take our sin away. He became our sin for us. There is nothing you can do to change your DNA. There is nothing you can do to change your past. There is nothing in your own power you can do to change your desires. Only Jesus Christ can do that when you accept his forgiveness.

Don’t be surprised at the evil around you. Don’t be surprised by the evil you fall into yourself. You are simply doing what humans do. But fear not. In Jesus Christ there is freedom in spite of yourself!

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I’m appalled at the evil that surrounds me. I’m equally appalled at the evil I do in word, thought or deed. I praise you for the fact that even though I can’t change, you have changed me and taken my sin upon you. Praise you Lord, Amen.