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Luke 23.34

As you know, God is preparing my heart for a great Resurrection celebration on what some call Easter Sunday. The celebration is not just that I am able to shout Hallelujah on that Lord’s Day but it is also the takeaways.

You know, the Lord pours His Word into us [me] day after day of His Great, Loving Sacrifice and the question that must be answered, now what? What am I do with all these wonderful truths? What is the application for my life that will increase my relationship with Him and cause me to be a greater display of His glory? As I look at the sayings of Jesus on the cross, the above verse is the first one and I immediately see one takeaway. It says, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do (Luke 23:33).

Now, I know many of you already believe that this…

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