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For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form. Colossians 2:9

Most people don’t reject Jesus, they reject religion. After all, how do you spurn a man who heals the lame, stands up for women and outcasts, gives mothers back their dead children, and refuses to condemn the guilty?

Ask the man who sat by a pool for 38 years before someone named Jesus came along and finally showed they cared. As he picked up his bed and returned home do you think he had a bad thing to say about Jesus?

As the woman who’d been suffering from hemorrhaging for 12 years how she felt about Jesus. By touching him she made him ceremonially unclean. By ‘being found out’ she not only interrupted the ministry of a very important teacher, for a brief moment all attention was turned on her. Think she felt defamed or ridiculed as she felt her body suddenly stop bleeding?

Ask the woman walking home with a son who, moments ago, was being carried to his grave along with all her hopes for grandchildren. Do you think she doubted the power of God to bring life to the dead?

Ask the woman who closed her eyes expecting rocks to fly at any moment. After he raised her to her feet and told her she was no longer condemned. Do you think she went away thinking God could never forgive her past mistakes?

I could go on. The young mom who suddenly could feed her hungry children because the great teacher miraculously produced enough food for over 5,000 people from some kids sack lunch. Or the parents of the man who was blind from birth and now could see. The man who brought home his son, now completely healed from demonic powered seizures.

Fact of the matter is a study of Jesus Christ reveals a man who did absolutely nothing that others could look down upon, except maybe those intent on legalistic rules and regulations. If you want an example of who God is, look to Jesus. If you want an example of what a loving compassionate father, look to Jesus. If you want to see what grace looks like, look to Jesus.

I can’t explain what it means that Jesus was completely God and completely man. 100% human and 100% deity. I can’t explain it. I can’t explain it, but I like it because this example of love, forgiveness and mercy give me strength to go on.

With Jesus the voices of your past become silent; the accusations of the present fall away; the reminders of your weakness become foundations for your strength.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus. Once again I come in humble praise for all you showed in your life here on earth. I thank you for coming to live among us so we could catch a glimpse of the Father. Empower me now with your Spirit to show those around me your grace. Amen.

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