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Sing to him; sing praises to him. Tell about all his miracles. Psalm 105:2 (NCV)

Everyone loves a love song. Even us guys like love songs although we don’t always admit it. Proof of that comes from the fact that many of the great song writers in history as well as our era have written songs to the one they love.

So, what love song have you sung to Jesus lately? You might think that an odd question to ask. Me? Sing a love song to God? How could I come up with the words to sing to him? How can I sing him a song of my love when I do such a bad job of showing that love? I mean, look at what I did last week! Look at the words I used when I got upset with my [co-worker, child, spouse, boss]! How would God accept my words of love for him when I can’t use words of love to others?

Or perhaps you are gifted in the area of music and words and you say, “I wrote a love song to him once. Want to hear it?” You may even be able to pop a CD in the CD player and let your music fill the room in praise.

You may be one who struggles with words. You may be one that is gifted in words and notes. Whatever your situation let me suggest a love song each of us can sing. A love song that will bring tears of joy to the eyes of the Father. A tune that will make the angels pause to listen. A message that will waft through eternity, long after the final stanza.

At the risk of offending anyone, I don’t think the Father is all the concerned about what type of music is played on Sunday mornings. I’m not so sure he’s impressed with guitars and synthesizers and drums. I’m not convinced he misses the piano and organs that may grace your sanctuary.

The love song the Father longs to hear from us comes from the heart, and songs from the heart are best sung with the hands. The music he longs to hear is the music of your patience with those around you. The music that thrills his soul is the tip you left on the table for the person that just gave you the worst service of your entire life. The music that touches his heart are the words of encouragement you speak to the one who has failed you…again.

Sing for Jesus! Sing his praises from the mountain top by showing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The acting out of those words in our world are the words of the love song he longs to hear.

The motivation for our love song isn’t what others have done for us, but what Jesus Christ has done for us!

PRAYER: Lord, there are times in my life when the words of my love song to you are watered down by the circumstances I find myself in. When that happens I tend to give you lip service and don’t show my song to others. Empower me with your spirit to show the words of my love song to others regardless of how I’m treated. Amen.

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