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They dig a hole to trap others, but they will fall into it themselves. Psalm 7:15 (NCV)

Remember the old roadrunner cartoons? I imagine you can still find them somewhere on the TV dial. Crafty Wile E. Coyote spends his entire life trying to trap the speedy roadrunner. In the process he blows himself up on numerous occasions, drops anvils on his head, goes headlong over cliffs and flies into rock walls and endures a multitude of other catastrophes in an effort to get the Roadrunner.

We can laugh at his antics but in reality each of us has probably fallen victim to a far more sinister version of old Wile. People in our lives who seem intent on bringing us down by luring us into thoughts and activities that pull us away from God; or continue to bring up our past failures; or remind us of why they are the better person for any given job.

For many of us this may have started in middle school or junior high. Just at a time when we were most vulnerable to attack we’re tempted to shun the family values our parents have instilled in us. We start to question the lessons of the Sunday School teachers, youth leaders and Pastors God has brought into our lives. Even religion can play a role when it strays from teaching the relationship with Jesus and focuses on the rules of dogma, and doctrine.

King David likens the trap set by our enemies to a big pit which was dug to entrap unsuspecting animals. The hole was large enough to trap the animal of choice and deep enough so they could never get out. Then, the hole was cleverly disguised and the victim drawn to the hole. Often it was chased so that it didn’t have time to really survey the area.

When it reached the hole it would drop through the covering, becoming trapped and at the mercy of its enemy. This ploy was used against animals as well as enemy soldiers in ancient times.

David teaches us two truths in this verse tucked away in Psalm 7. First of all each of us needs to be wary of our enemies tactics. Those people or activities that seem harmless but really are traps to pull us away from our relationship with Jesus. Being aware of the enemies trap is the fist step in avoiding being ‘captured’ by the lie.

Secondly, David assures us that in the end our enemies will fall victim to their own traps. They may think they are winning over us. They may think they are superior in their actions. But their fate is doomed.

One more thought. Perhaps you have fallen victim to the trap of the enemy. You look around at walls you don’t see anyway of climbing. You feel you are at the mercy of those who are intent on hurting you. Jesus came to lift us out of the trap the enemy sets for us. Think of Jesus as a ladder let down to the bottom of your pit. See him climbing down to carry you out. That’s grace. That’s forgiveness like only he can give.

David finishes Psalm 7 by reminding us that we serve a God who does what is right. He’s not intent of trapping us, or reminding us of our failures. His intention is to release us from the trap so that, like the roadrunner, we can run free!

PRAYER: Father, I pray for protection from the enemy today. Reveal his traps to me so that I don’t fall in. Empower me with your Spirit to lead others around the pit that may entrap them. Lift me up through your forgiveness when I fall victim to the enemy’s ploys. Amen.

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