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You, LORD God, are my protector. Rescue me and keep me safe from all who chase me. Psalm 7:1 (CEV)

He’d been promised the throne. He was a hero in some people’s eyes as the result of killing a giant. He was a mighty warrior and a man of faith and courage. He was apparently good looking, personable and wise. Who wouldn’t like David? He was the kind of guy you could bring home to meet your parents. He was the kind of guy you hope your daughters bring home to meet you!

But with all of the things he had going for him, David had enemies as well. Plenty of enemies. That’s the way it is in life. No matter how hard you try to do the right things, no matter how close you live to God, regardless of how many battles you’ve won and games you’ve pulled out as the clock struck zero, there will be some who find fault in you.

For David, one of the worst ones was a guy namedCush. We don’t have a great deal of information onCushbut we know he was one of King Saul’s closest allies and we know he didn’t like David one bit. According to historyCushwent before the King with all sorts of lies about David. Lies that were considered treason and worthy of death. Those closest to the throne were more believable. If ushsaid it about David it was most likely true, one would think.

We can all relate to David at one time or another. All of us have those people in our lives who seem to be intent on pointing out every flaw, contradicting every idea, showing us ‘in christian love’ the error of our ways. Sad to say, sometimes those who are our biggest critics are those who proclaim to be closest to God.

The danger comes when we start listening to the accusations. Sometimes those accusations come from people, sometimes those accusations come from the great accuser himself, Satan or one of his slimy cohorts. Revelation 12:10 tells us that he goes before the throne every day to accuse us of something.

There was someone else who, like David, was wrongfully accused. Someone who had enemies watching his every move, judging his every word, trying to contradict or downplay everything he did. His name was Jesus.

David and Jesus both learned a secret each of us needs to learn when the accusers come our way. Two simple steps (simple doesn’t always mean easy) to thwart the thorns in our side.

First of all, know where to go for shelter from the attacks. Both Jesus and David knew the truth about themselves, and that they could go to God, their rock, for safety. He would never fail them.

Secondly, they both knew who they were. David knew he wasn’t perfect, but he knew he was loved by the God of the universe and that God had never failed him. Jesus knew that he was perfect, he was God and that this time of trial was for a short time and would lead to victory. Not only that, but when the great accuser goes before the throne to accuse us Jesus is right there defending us.

The best way to defeat the thorns in your side is to know who you are (a child of God) and know who fights for you (Jesus of Nazareth).

PRAYER: Father God, Jehovah my confidence and deliverer. Thank you for protecting me from those intent on destroying me. When I’m under attack help me to trust in your deliverance. Thank you for Jesus who stands before you daily to defend be because of his great love and forgiveness. Amen.

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