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When I started this blog a few years ago I wondered if anyone would read it. I’m so thankful for the followers the I have and now, for being given the Candle Ligher award. ( A special thank you to Paulette, my good ‘cyber-friend, sister in Christ and fellow blogger for her nomination. Also thank you to Kate Kresse for the creation of this award. God Bless those of you who continue to be blessed by our efforts to glorify Jesus and make the journey just a little easier.


The mountains may disappear, and the hills may come to an end, but my love will never disappear; my promise of peace will not come to an end,” says the Lord who shows mercy to you. Isaiah 54:10 (NCV)

How powerful is God’s love?

Ask Adam and Eve. They intentionally went against God’s law to forge their own way in life. But he never gave up on them. In spite of the consequences of their actions he welcomed them back into relationship.

Ask David. Although he was called ‘the man after God’s own heart’ he constantly struggled with pride and lust. His Kingdom was mighty, his family was a mess. Yet from his lineage the very son of God came to redeem all of mankind.

Ask Solomon. The wisest and wealthiest man on earth, yet his love of life and his lust for things and women motivated him to erect idols and shrines to false God’s in contradiction of God’s love. In the midst of his wealth he found only vanity. But God never gave up on him.

Ask Peter. One of Jesus’ closest friends. Yet when Jesus needed him the most, Peter denied him. Wouldn’t even admit he knew him. Turned his back on his best friend during that friend’s darkest hour. But when Jesus rose from the dead, Peter was the one disciple Jesus wanted to make sure was at breakfast that morning.

Mountains are a symbol of majesty and unshakeable strength. Yet even a mountain, in all of its grandeur can’t stand up against the power of God’s love. His grace endures forever. His mercy is never ending.

Human love fails. It can grow old. It measures depth by what it can get in life. It’s wounded and even destroyed by poor decisions. Bitterness, envy and the lack of forgiveness (among other things) all work together to bring human love to its knees. When love fails us we can be wounded for life.

But what destroys a mountain? Can sheer will? Can emotion? Can a mountain be destroyed simply by ignoring it? Of course not. In the same way, there is nothing that can take God’s love from you. Regardless of what you have done in the past, regardless of where you find yourself now, God’s unshakeable love is available to you. That’s grace. That’s mercy. You can’t destroy a mountain and you can’t make God stop loving you.

There’s only one thing God’s love won’t do. Because of God’s unshakeable love for you he will never force you to love him back. He’ll never force you to follow his ways. He loves you too much to make you a robot.

PRAYER: Lord God, thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for your unshakeable love. When the voices of hate, anger, guilt, shame and grief attack me today help me rest in your love. When temptation, lust and fear attempt to overtake me wrap me in your arms of love so that I might endure. Amen.

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