But I, by your great love, can come into your house; in reverence I bow down toward your holy temple. Psalm 5:7

When I was young I delivered papers in my home town. Saturday was collection day so my parents would drop me off on the furthest end of my route and I’d wander door to door collecting from each of my customers.

I remember one Saturday in particular. I’d lost track of time and was still quite far from finishing my duties when the town siren went off. It was warm, cloudy and we’d had some pretty severe storms recently. I panicked. I was sure that the siren sounded to warn of an approaching tornado and I was completely at the mercy of the oncoming storm.

I hurried quickly to the next customer and knocked on the door. No one home. My anxiety shot through the roof! What would I do?

I went to the next door neighbor, even though they were not a customer. Trying to be as brave as I could, I asked the person answering the door if there was going to be a tornado. I felt a bit sheepish when I found out the siren I heard was the siren that blew (in those days) every day at noon!

I think of that story when I read Psalm 5:7. What a privilege we have that we can enter God’s house! We are invited in, not as guests, but as his child. We can partake in all of the safety, warmth, protection and comfort his home can provide. Better yet, this is no modest three bedroom bungalow. This is the home of a king, this is a palace.

The second statement David makes is even more revealing of the intimate access we have to our Father. We are allowed into his holy temple. When David wrote these words the temple we think of was yet to be built. The ‘temple’ he was referring to was the inner room of the tabernacle, the holiest of holy places where God himself dwelt.

What a marvelous reminder of God’s grace. We are not worthy to enter his home, but he welcomes us in as his child. Not only are we welcomed in as his child, we are given access to the most intimate parts of the home…the temple where God dwells.

When the storms of life threaten to attack. When you seem to be far from the safe confines of family or friends. When it seems the enemy is lurking at every corner. Remember that your Heavenly Father welcomes you as a child into the safety of his presence.

Today ‘home’ for some isn’t a pleasant place. If that’s the case with you, think of all the things home means to you in the best of circumstances. This is the home your Father in Heaven welcomes you into is a home of peace in the midst of the storm, warmth in the cold winter night, love in the midst of an angry world.

PRAYER: Father Thank you for the promise that I have a home with you. Thank you for the grace you offer me to welcome me as a child even though I don’t deserve it. When fear (real or imagined) attacks me, help me remember I have a safe place with you. Amen.